Enduro Enduro BRT-060 - Linear-Press Bearing Service Toolset

BRT-060 - Linear-Press Bearing Service Toolset

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BRT-060 - Linear-Press Bearing service toolset - designed to service all hub and suspension bearing applications.

This kit includes two length press rods sized specifically for hub or suspension applications, a pair of interchangeable Liner Quick Handles along with a full complement of bearing guides and receiver cups to ensure efficient and accurate bearing removal and installation.

The Linear Bearing Press utilizes the same 29 degree angle Acme thread design found in high precision applications such lead screw drives for CNC machines. This design results in wider and broader thread bases which have greater strength and overall durability. Most importantly, this thread design is much more accurate than standard V shaped threads providing exact 90 degree force for perfect bearing seating and installation alignment.

Unlike other bearing press products available which specify a plain bushing or no bearing at all, each Linear Press rod features a static nut fitted with a precision needle bearing set with ground surfaces to provide smooth and accurate, bind-free action.

Finally, the Linear Quick handles are like small transformers where you can combine two short handles for tight spaces, two longer handles for more leverage or long-short handles for control. These 6061 alloy handles snap on to the 15 mm (or 5/8”) stainless nuts, which can also be worked with open end or socket wrenches, or if one prefers to work with Allen wrenches, that option has been machined into the end of each handle as well.

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