Loose Ball Bearings

It's the most basic part of the system and quality counts

As little as ten years ago, our standard Grade 25 balls would be considered a premium specification only available from a certain Italian company in little wax paper bags, but today our Grade 5 balls will actually exceed the precision in smoothness and sphericity of just about any race specification available within the industry. At Enduro, we specify and supply only the highest quality balls for our bearings from Japanese suppliers like Panasonic and Toshiba, manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure a bearing that will roll better and last longer. Enduro steel balls are manufactured from an extremely clean steel (with minimal contaminants) to ensure, precise, long-lasting spheres. Our Grade 25 and Grade 5 steel balls are forged and ground from 52100 chromium steel, while Enduro Ceramic balls are made from pure Si3N4 ceramic-nitride; an extremely dense and uniform material that is 60% lighter and 7-times harder than steel, and are ground to near-spherical perfection - within 5/1,000,000” of round.

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