Suspension Bearings

MAXimized suspension performance with MAXimized bearings

The first Enduro Bearings bicycle innovation, MAX® bearings were pioneered specifically to solve premature bearing failures in high-load, high impact, low rotational speed MTB suspension systems. To address this need, Enduro co-founder Matt Harvey drew inspiration from the full-complement design of massive mast-guide bearings found on forklifts. By eliminating the ball retainer from the bearing, space becomes available to add additional balls (aka full-compliment), which dramatically increases load capacity 35% to 40%. This also significantly increases bearing reliability and longevity without the need to increase the footprint previously occupied by traditional retainer and plain suspension pivot bearings. MAX suspension bearings are filled with Enduro MAX ‘extra high pressure’ grease and represent today’s industry-standard among bicycle manufactures. Enduro also offers MAX angular contact type bearings in both sealed and grease-able versions. Take a look, they’re probably already in your bike.

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