Bearing fatigue and efficiency test reportBearing fatigue and efficiency test report
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XD15 Lifetime Bearings

Enduro XD15 lifetime bearing

An Enduro exclusive, XD15 Ceramic-Hybrid bearings utilize an advanced, nitrogen-infused stainless alloy that will never rust or corrode. A material so tough that should grit find its way inside, it simply polishes the bearing races smoother. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, XD15 bearings are available for a wide range of bottom bracket, wheel hub and headset applications.

Maxhit™ Components

Enduro patented Maxhit

Enduro’s game-changing Maxhit™ bearing components are patent-pending and guaranteed for life. Machined entirely from 440C Stainless Steel, Maxhit bearing components eliminate the aluminum cups traditionally used to carry the bearings, freeing-up space for much larger balls that easily support double the load of standard headset and bottom bracket bearings.

MAX® Pivot Bearings

Enduro XD15 lifetime bearing

Enduro’s MAX® Full-Compliment pivot bearings are the most battle tested, OE spec’d MTB bearings in the world. By removing the bearing retainer and completely filling the bearing races with balls, load capacity is increased 35% to 40% which dramatically improves reliability and longevity.

Torqtite Threaded Press-fit Solutions

Enduro Torqtite BB solution

Torqtite, an Enduro innovation, is a precision, thread-together bottom bracket solution that improves bearing-to-spindle alignment and eliminate annoying noises common with press-fit solutions. Available for a wide range of non-threaded, press-fit applications with two angular contact bearing performance options: 440C Stainless Steel and XD15 Ceramic-Hybrid.

Directline™ Derailleur Pulleys

Enduro Directline derailleur pulleys

Enduro Directline™ Pulleys with XD15 Ceramic-Hybrid bearings perform flawlessly and tirelessly in adverse conditions and are covered by a lifetime warranty. Precision machined from Teflon infused 500 AF Delrin, Directline™ pulleys reduce drivetrain friction while offering precise shifting and significantly less drag than aluminum or titanium pulleys.

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Enduro Directline derailleur pulleys

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