Product Reviews

April 5, 2023. Maxhit BSA24 Bottom Bracket First Impressions. Guitar Ted shares his open-the-box and installation thoughts on our patented, lifetime guaranteed, all 440C stainless steel bottom bracket. Check it out on Riding Gravel

March 17, 2023. "Possibly the last bottom bracket you'll own" Brian Mullin at The MTB Lab shares more on Enduro's latest innovation.  Take a look here
Flashback! James Huang talks dirty about Enduro's Torqtite BB with XD15 Ceramic-Hybrid Bearings.
"As if that weren’t demanding enough, we ran the entirety of the test with all of the seals removed. Despite the fact that we could readily see the fully exposed, naked ball bearings, the XD-15 merely laughed it off, spinning as smoothly after months of intentional abuse as it did when new, even with no lubricant whatsoever aside from pulverized sand and grit." Comprehensive review here

September 12, 2022. Tyler Benedict chats with Enduro Co-founder Matt Harvey on the Bikerumor Podcast.  Are ceramic bearings really worth it? How much drag do bearings really produce? Does the type of grease matter? Nerd out here

July 11, 2022.
 Enduro Directline Pulleys include a "no typo" lifetime warranty. 
Machined from Teflon-infused Delrin and spinning on XD15 bearings, d-line pulleys are very rigid and don't load-up with gunk. Jessie-May Morgan, Bikerumor, shares the details
May 25, 2022.  Bikeradar's Devinci e-Troy and e-Spartan Review  
With a brief, important Enduro Bearings Inside callout: " Enduro double-lip sealed bearings are used for all pivot points, the brand pointing to their precision movement and superior durability." Learn more about Devinci's MTB evolution.
May 1, 2022. The Enduro Bearings Backstory & UK Happenings.
"Brands in the bike trade often stem from one of two possible philosophies – ‘marketing is key’ or ‘let the product do the talking’. Since its inception in 1996, Enduro Bearings, innovator in the cycle-specific bearing market, has always fallen firmly into the latter category." [image L-to-R: Matt Harvey, Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze] Full story here in BikeBizUK
April 8, 2022. Enduro To Educate, Raise Bearing Awareness. 
Nothing screams "bike geek" like talking about the humble bearing, which could be the least appreciated and ignored bike component — that is, until your bottom bracket creaks or headset turns crunchy. Ambassadors Katie Colesberry and Dan Large introduce Enduro's Bearings 101 and R&R speakeasy series at the Sea Otter Classic. Read all about it here
February 8, 2022. Brandon Bilyeu with interviews Enduro Bearings co-founder Matt Harvey. The two discuss a wide range of topics from cycling specific bearing designs to proper maintenance and 'what's the big deal with ceramic?'. Read the entire 'Do Bearings Matter' Q&A.

January 10,
 Enduro OEM partner Stan's NoTubes introduces innovative M-pulse hub.
'The heart of the M-pulse hub is a bombproof locking engagement system with six pawls equipped with Neodymium rare earth magnets.' More here, in Pinkbike!
April 14, 2021. Dave Rome at reviews Enduro's BBT-222 Bearing Puller.
"The latest addition to the company’s professional tool range is a revamp of the Pro Bearing Puller that not only improves the core function but adds a couple of useful features into the mix." Read more on