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Enduro has quietly become the industry's leading supplier of premium bearings and bearing-based components. Enduro Insiders celebrates cycling's innovators that go about the business making great bikes and components that move riders efficiently and reliably forward though the most demanding conditions imaginable.

After years in product development for large cycling brands, founder Will Hilgenberg needed a creative outlet for the ideas that didn’t work in the traditional mass-production bike industry. From their currently available models featuring subtly successful design improvements to the revolutionary Apogee suspension module, Albatross Bikes specs Enduro, including Maxhit and XD15 'lifetime warranty' upgrade kits. 
Bowhead Founder, Christian Bagg was an avid mountain biker before being paralyzed in a 1996 Big Air snowboard competition. A designer and machinist with a passion for problem solving, he began building adaptive bikes in his garage. Today, Bowhead designs the most advanced adaptive MTBs on the planet. A key feature being the articulating front-end for navigating rough, off-camber terrain. Each bike features four dozen Enduro bearings and Bosch motor assistance. 
Map with Cotic head badge logo and Rocket Max mountain bike
Cotic Bikes hails from Chesterfield, UK. 
Cy Turner and his team construct simply perfect 853 Reynolds steel mountain bikes and gravel bikes. It all started in 2003 with the Soul, the now legendary, long travel, trail hardtail. Cy knew he wanted to ride a strong, light, fun, durable hardtail with long travel forks, big tires and proper brakes. No one made one at the time, so he designed and built his dream bike. That's what Cotic still do; they build their dream bikes to share with you.
Map with Haley Cycles logo and gravel bike
Marin, California is the home of Haley Cycles. 
Industry vet Ming Tan founded Haley with the idea that high quality titanium bike buying should be less confusing and more affordable.  You can have custom geometry, custom paint, lots of bottle and fender mounts...all for one price. No hidden junk fees to drive up the cost of your forever frame with an ENVE fork. Mix in your optimal build kit and if you like, order up Enduro Maxhit and XD15 lifetime bearings and components too.
Map with Knolly logo and two riders on a trail
Knolly Bikes is rooted in Vancouver's North Shore. 
From humble beginnings, founder Noel Buckley built a bike based on his passion for riding supported by his degree in physics, and a career in engineering and manufacturing. In short order, Noel introduced Knolly's patented Fourby4 suspension design featuring Enduro MAX pivot bearings. While the company and its product line have grown, the Knolly philosophy remains the same: to design and build the most reliable, highest performing bikes possible.
Map with Logos logo and rear wheel
Lōgōs is a SoCal/New England mashup
Randall Jacobs and Sam Jackson dovetailed decades of product development and brand management expertise to create Lōgōs Components. At the heart of every Lōgōs wheelset are bombproof hubs spinning on Enduro bearings with the option to level-up with an XD15 lifetime warranty bearing upgrade kit. Wide bed carbon rims laced with Pillar spokes and brass nipples complete the performance + durability package.
Map with Sturdy Cycles logo and road bike
Sturdy Cycles is located near Bath, England. 
In 2014, Tom Sturdy combined a love of bikes with his academic background in Aerospace Engineering and Sports Biomechanics to optimize made to measure bike design. Meticulously shaped titanium tubes are married with gorgeous 3D printed details to ensure the bike's ergonomics match each cyclist's riding style. Enduro XD15 components and bearings are always included in Sturdy's exquisite builds.
Map with Tune logo and engineer holding a rear hub
Tune resides in Germany's Black Forest.
It all started in 1989 when founder Uli Fahl placed a heavy mountain bike on a diet. Today, Tune is respected worldwide for its array of featherweight components including hubs and wheels. After extensive testing, including harsh winters with corrosive environmental conditions, Tune decided to exclusively spec our ABEC 5 hub bearings as standard equipment while offering our lifetime warranted XD15 super-stainless, ceramic-hybrid bearings as a premium option.