A-2-Z, Enduro Bearings Leadership includes engineers, accountants, designers, machinists and organizers. Collectors and minimalists, book readers and chess players, artists and musicians. Bike riders and 'not' bike riders. Much like Enduro Bearings' products, we are a quiet, dependable bunch.

Starting in 1998, Chris Feucht has served Enduro, first as an advisor and graphic designer, eventually taking on full-time duty in 2019 as brand manager. He began his career twisting wrenches and managing bike shops, followed by significant contributions as the ‘new product guy’ at Wilderness Trail Bikes and President/Managing Director of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. Chris loves riding and product testing and his other favorite things include: more bike riding and product testing. If Jeopardy ever adds a bicycle bearing tournament, place your winning bet on CF.

With an I.T. business development degree in hand, Daniel Choy joined Enduro Bearings’ Singapore in 2018. His daily duties include working with our global OEM and distribution partners to ensure their forecasts are honored and orders are shipped in a timely manner. Daniel rides a Santa Cruz 5010cc, loves to cook and his favorite quote is: “Do it! You only die once.” Dinner at Daniel’s place is a guaranteed adventure.

As Enduro’s OEM and international distributor sales manager, Eric Cheah’s inbox flow is 24/7/365. He carries a heavy load and this rather brief bio speaks volumes about how Eric prefers to roll. Hes a guy that quietly goes about his day, expertly addressing the needs of our customers and always ready to help his colleagues at Enduro

Ilana Brunido joined Enduro in 2006. For 16-years, with a never wavering eye for detail, she has managed laser engraving and assembly for all USA manufactured bottom brackets, jockey wheels, XD15 bearings and bearing installation tools. Ilana has provided the final thumbs-up for 1000’s upon 1000’s of products prior to dispatch around the world to Enduro’s OEM and distribution partners. Away from work, Ilana enjoys riding her Cannondale and knitting.

Kai Xiang begin working for Enduro Bearings in 2020.  With an advanced degree in accounting and a new found love for cycling, Kai is ideally suited to manage Enduro’s documentation and human resource efforts in Singapore. His hobbies include reading and admin systems design to improve workflow. That’s not a typo. Enduro is fortunate to have Kai on our team – an MTB loving, process oriented reader that enjoys wrestling with spread sheets.

Kurt Stockton answers to ‘KS!’ and leads our ambassador and events partnership programs. Kurt joined Enduro in January 2022 and brings a metric ton of experience to our team. From pro road and MTB racing (including winning a professional road title), to owning and managing race teams, to product marketing and event management. KS enjoys small batch coffee and craft beer, country living and custom titanium frames paired with drop bars. 

Matt Harvey leads Enduro’s cycling division while business partner Mike Alders guides the industrial division. Their 25+ year journey can be found on our history page. Away from work, Matt restores vintage bicycles and collects anything with a bit of provenance from furniture to art to LPs. He can’t resist giving old stuff a new home. Most weekends you’ll find Matt on mixed terrain rides with buddies; rides that often begin in Marin, Oakland, or Woodside. 

Enduro Bearings cofounder Mike Alders oversees all-things industrial with a rather quiet style. "Nuff said," says Mike. Read all about Mike and Matt's background on Enduro's history page.

Paige Allsup is Enduro’s social channel maestro. In addition to creating and sharing Enduro news with our Facebook and Instagram fans and followers, she answers inquiries from around the world with absolute aplomb and follow-through. Away from the keyboard, Paige is a professional photographer and an avid bird watcher, surfer, hiker and Haley hardtail MTB rider. Paige seemingly never has a down day and quite fittingly her favorite quote is, “I’ll be your Huckleberry.”

Rick Sutton jumped onboard in 2021 as an advisor prior to moving into his current role as Enduro’s business development and marketing director. His professional background includes four successful start-ups, two of which involved cycling. Rick enjoys tending to his ranchette, building trails and hosting two or three annual epic rides that begin and end at the top of a long, 27%-pitch driveway. The last 100 yards are always the hardest on an RS ride.

Behind every successful precision parts manufacturer are gifted craftspeople creating works of art in a machine shop. Since 2006, Sonny Brunido has managed Enduro’s ‘Made in USA’ facility; turning engineering concepts into prototypes for testing prior to high-volume production of durable, fast rolling bicycle components. Sonny is the mastermind behind Enduro’s line of professional tools. When Sonny isn’t making chips, you’ll find him riding his Ibis Hakka MX or at his favorite fishing hole. 

For the last 10 years,  as Enduro’s global logistics manager, Yuri Harvey has expertly ensured that our OE and distribution partners receive their orders affordably on-time. Sounds easy until you toss-in 1000+ SKU’s, ever-changing client forecasts, stacked-up cargo ships and escalating freight costs. Yuri once taught Kindergarten, confirming she’s a patient multitasker with mad skills. Away from HQ, Yuri is a member of the California Art Deco Society and enjoys everything 1930’s and 40’s.