Hub Bearings

How well do you want your bike to roll and for how long? 

Your wheels spin more than any other part of your bike, and having the best bearings for this application is crucial to producing the best performance. At Enduro bearings we design our hub bearings for maximum performance and longevity for this specific application. Our hub bearings feature deep grooves in the races to accommodate the largest balls possible, to help withstand the constantly changing multidirectional loads that we put on them. We also utilize premium materials to ensure longevity. We design and  source all of the various bearing components (balls, races, seals and grease) from suppliers from all over the world.

The Enduro line of hub bearings are available in high-carbon chromium steel, black-oxide treated chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, and three levels of ceramic hybrid. All Enduro ceramic-hybrid bearings feature grade 10 Silicon Nitride balls (CH with chromium steel races, Zero Ceramic with black-oxide treated races and lifetime-guaranteed XD15 super-stainless at the top of the line). Our bearings are always engineered with deepest groove races possible to accommodate the largest balls and feature dual-lip seals that ride in a micro-groove creating a full labyrinth to provide superior protection against the elements and to retain 90% fill of high-pressure waterproof grease. 

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