Bottom Bracket Bearings

BB Bearings for replacement and upgrade for the wide range of BBs out there, always designed to last. 

Even though there are literally dozens of BB standards found on bikes today, fortunately most of them use one of three sizes of bearings. Enduro offers these bearings a wide range of performance levels, starting with ABEC-3 and ABEC-5 with high-chromuim steel balls and races, stepping up to 440C Stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance, and toping out with Zero and lifetime guaranteed, XD-15 Ceramic-Hybrid bearings for maximum performance and longevity. Enduro bearings are always engineered with deepest groove races possible to accommodate the largest balls and feature dual-lip seals that ride in a micro-groove creating a full labyrinth to provide superior protection against the elements and to keep the 90% fill of high-pressure water-proof grease where it belongs.

At Enduro we also manufacture many other sizes of BB bearings to support many less common BB standards, like square-taper and Isis, along with custom solutions like our DRF (dual radial flanged) bearings that allow you to install DUB or 30mm spindles in bikes designed to only accept Shimano 24mm cranksets. 

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