Meet Enduro's Mechanic Ambassadors

Signs top mechanics in appreciation of their expertise and dedication; will also partner with Appalachian Bicycle Institute (February 16, 2022)

Bike mechanics, or 'wrenches' as they're endearingly referred to in the industry, are the unsung heroes of the cycling world; the right one can get you on the podium or fix your bike so it's at peak performance for your weekend group ride or event. Enduro Bearings aims to shine a light on these invaluable professionals with their new mechanic ambassador program, offering technical, logistical and additional support to select professional mechanics, and those aspiring to be, across the US.Here’s a list of the mechanic ambassadors and their industry associations: 

Tim Nicholls: Founder, Cycle Chvrch Cycles; Yuri Hauswald’s mechanic 

Dan Large: Owner, XL Velo; Volvo NRS Pro Race Mechanic 

Danielle Castelli Strader: Owner, Torrenti Cycles; PBMA Board Member 

Ana Garushyants: Owner, Circle Cycle Bike Shop; PBMA Board Member 

Jenny Kallista: Owner, Appalachian Bicycle Institute; PBMA President 

Katie Colesberry: Giant-Liv USA Quality Control Manager 

Drew Esherick: Maxxis Factory Racing Manager/Mechanic

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